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14 Apr, 2021

What's your 'why'? I have a WHY that drives each day, I have a reason to be doing what I am doing. All of a sudden, showing up isn't that hard anymore...
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02 Apr, 2021

Why you should follow through.

If we set a goal and fail, our subconscious mind learns it's normal behavior to set goals and fail.

If we set goals and succeed, our subconscious mind learns it's normal behavior to set goals and win.
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20 Feb, 2021

My #1 tool for improvement.

Whatever the discipline: training, public speaking, dancing, running, playing world of warcraft, etc. the same holds true ⁠— if we record ourselves and become an observer, we incite a level of self awareness that may have lie dormant otherwise.
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17 Jul, 2020

How do you stay motivated to train?

When we make these mini-goals tangible and achievable, and start to achieve them, guess what? We are on the way to getting to our long term goals! The key is: each of these mini-goals should be celebrated — this is what keeps me going, the pure excitement of hitting each of these goals.

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16 Jul, 2020

Am I optimizing my day?

Once we become aware of when our peak mental state hits, and contrarily, when we become clouded by mental blocks, we can schedule the most important tasks during our mental peaks, and the menial tasks during our mental valleys. This simple change will rapidly begin to affect the quality and efficiency of output we deliver on a day-to-day basis.

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29 Jun, 2020

It starts in your mind.

It’s a simple question: Am I the type of person that is going to be healthy, or am I not? The choice is staring each of us in the face, most people just avoid the question all together. Because change is uncomfortable. Because change is violating your current identity.
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