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There is no finish line.


Frequently I get asked, how long did it take to master a handstand? Or, how long did it take to master playing mage?

This question implies that I have reached an end of mastery. I am no master, I’m just a dude, practicing. I will never be fully ‘there’, that is simply an illusion. Instead, I am continually learning to get better.

Accepting that the journey has no end is half the battle.

Far too often, I see people begin their journeys with phrases such as ‘I just need to lose 15 lbs and then I’ll be happy’.

The problem with this line of thought is that it implies there is a finish line. However, once we lose the 15 lbs, we have to continue to eat correctly or the weight will come back on.

Understanding this, and not only being okay with the process, but enjoying it, is the mindset necessary to follow through with something in the long term.

Ironically, once we begin to direct our attention on the process rather than an ‘imaginary finish line’ we begin to see the results we were seeking in the first place.

In short, focus on the improvement, not the finish line.

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