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Why you should follow through.

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Setting goals is important, but what's more important is following through with these goals. Why?

If we set a goal and fail, our subconscious mind learns it's normal behavior to set goals and fail.

If we set goals and succeed, our subconscious mind learns it's normal behavior to set goals and win.

Create the subconscious mind of a WINNER by following through with what you say you are going to do.

Now, if it is difficult to follow through, then don't say yes to much. Make realistic goals and step up slowly, crush one goal and move to the next one.

Ie. Create a smaller goal of performing a handstand for 5 seconds, and when this is achieved, move to the next level. A 10 second handstand. This allows us to create the mind of a winner. The contrary would be immediately setting the goal of doing a handstand pushup, when one can't even handstand.

The purpose here is to turn our subconscious into a winner by doing absolutely everything in our power to follow through with our goals.

Sometimes, this means reframing a loss into a win.
For example:
I failed, wow I suck.
I've learned so much, I'm almost there, let's keep going!
The first perpetuates a losing mindset.
The second reframes a failure into a win and maintains the 'winning' mindset.


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