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What is 'self love'?

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To me, self love is making the choices that my future self will love.

Going to the gym before work? It might be painful for my present self, but my future self will love the stronger & more dedicated mind and body that this discipline brings about.

Eating the proper amount of fruits & vegetables? It might be an adjustment period for my present self (versus eating fast-food), but my future self will enjoy the benefits that proper nourishment provides.

Having a difficult conversation with a loved one? It might be awkward in the moment, but my future self will appreciate the absence of resentment.

Ask yourself, what choices can I make today, that my future self will love me for tomorrow? Or in 10 years from now?

Also ask yourself, what decisions did I make 10 years ago, that are either empowering or hindering myself today?

To me, self love isn’t about soothing myself in the present moment, but rather, honoring who I want to become in the future.

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