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Am I optimizing my day?


At some points in the day, I’m at a complete standstill.

At others, I feel like I can do anything.

This awareness is important. Why? Because we can begin to schedule our days to maximize productivity, in the areas that are most important to us.

For example, for me, in the mid-morning, after a good night’s rest, a cup of black coffee, a training session, and being fully fasted my brain is firing it it’s peak state: I am in flow.

This is when I create my best content. In one take. With no second guessing.

Now, what if at this time of the day I felt clouded, tired, and my body needed a rest? I could then simply schedule this part of the day as time for a lunch break, a work out, getting house chores done, etc.

Once we become aware of when our peak mental state hits, and contrarily, when we become clouded by mental blocks, we can schedule the most important tasks during our mental peaks, and the menial tasks during our mental valleys.

This simple change will rapidly begin to affect the quality and efficiency of output we deliver on a day-to-day basis.

Everyone has different areas in life they wish to push forward, additionally, everyone has different times of the day where they are most effective.

I.e. Should I ‘spend’ this mental energy scrolling on my phone? Should I push forward my side hustle during this time? When is my mental state at its peak? Perhaps it is at 5AM before anyone else wakes up, 1PM right before breaking a fast, or even 2AM when everyone else is asleep?

Ask yourself, at what time of the day am I most effective? What should I be doing during this time to fully take advantage of it?

For me, I have a daily schedule that allows me to maximize the day to the best of my abilities.

As always, don’t forget to DO YOUR DAILIES to maximize training, recovery, and mental health!