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My #1 tool for improvement.

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My #1 tool for improvement is to simply record myself.

Why? Every time I record myself I learn something new.

I thought my handstand line was straight? After watching the recording, I learned my hips were out of alignment.

I thought I spoke clearly on stream? After watching the recording, I learned I have a habit of saying 'umm' more than I would like to admit.

I thought my range of motion was complete? After watching the recording, I learned I have an imbalance at the bottom range of the movement.

Whatever the discipline: training, public speaking, dancing, running, playing world of warcraft, etc. the same holds true ⁠— if we record ourselves and become an observer, we incite a level of self awareness that may have lie dormant otherwise.

I invite you to record your training sets, record your world of warcraft sessions, record your public speaking, record whatever it is you want to improve at, and see how much you can learn from simply being your own coach.

This takes letting your guard down, being vulnerable, and being willing to learn ⁠— and sometimes that isn't easy.

Ps. The Xaryu Bodyweight Program has videos for every single exercise to show how to perform each exercise for all levels!