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Each victory fuels a winning mindset.


Each small victory creates the mindset of a winner.

I could attempt a one arm handstand and hold it for 1 second and fall.

This could be viewed in two ways:

I fell, that's a failure.

I held it for 1 second, nice! Now let's try for 2. This is victory.

The way in which we view this result makes all the difference.

The first mindset ingrains failure as the norm, the second mindset reinforces victory.

If we allow ourselves to look at each task as a failure, we then become a failure.

If we look at each task as a victory, we then become victorious.

I view life in a way that there are no failures, just a bunch of small victories building more & more momentum towards winning — this trains the mind for success rather than failure.

Ps. We always have the choice to change how we react to situations, celebrate each small victory to build a winning mindset!

Pss. To start racking up 6 easy daily wins (to create a winning mindset) do your Dailies each day!