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Does happiness look fake?


It has come to my attention that the expression of happiness (whether it be a smile, laughter, giggling, or generally enjoying life) can be perceived as ‘wow, that person is fake’.

I have seen this a lot in the gaming world. If someone is expressing enjoyment, it can be interpreted as in-authenticity.

At first, this confused me, quite a bit. How could someone enjoying their life, be seen as anything other than that person enjoying their life?

After thinking about it a bit more, it makes perfect sense — everybody has their own lens they view the world, based on experience.

Take for example, a person that is miserable in their own circumstance - this person would perhaps smile or laugh as a means to mask how they are actually feeling inside. Under this lens, a smile would denote a shield.

When this same person sees a smile, what do they perceive? They see a shield, that this expression must be hiding something else, that actual happiness can’t be true.

I want to tell whoever is listening that happiness is real, it can be true, and it can be chosen at any given point. Happiness is a choice.

Everyday, with the thoughts inside of our own heads, we shape our perception of reality. Become aware of negative ‘self-talk’, why is it there? Become aware of negative thought patterns, why are they there? What thoughts are serving you, which ones aren’t?

We can always choose to re-wire our brain for more productive thinking. We always have a choice, no matter how trapped we may feel sometimes.

And to the person with the viewpoint that we are simply a byproduct of circumstance; to that I say, if we believe that to be true, it will be: but which reality do you want to live in?

Wanting to start creating positive thought patterns? Start by doing your DAILIES.