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My name is Josh 'Xaryu' Lujan. It is my mission to make gaming a healthier space through community live-streamed workouts, a positive gaming environment, and equipping gamers with the tools to take control of their health and fitness.

The Xaryu Bodyweight program
Unlock a truly limit-free body, without ever stepping foot into a gym.

What the community is saying...

I wanted to personally reach out to say thanks for the awesome guides over the past year. Watching your workout streams, following your dailies and fitness guides have helped me lose 100lbs. I hit that goal on Saturday. I still have a little bit more to go... but I don’t know where I would be without your guides, and tips.

Sean Ron

Your workout plan is amazing!!!! I’ve never felt better in my life, it’s made my monthly army training so much easier for me. My PT scores have doubled!!

K. Ballard

Just wanted to say thank you man! Because of your fitness and nutrition guide me and my wife have been able to reach new goals we set this year that we were struggling with for a while, we've never felt this good before.

Isaac W.

Your fitness guide taught me SO much, and I started following the diet portion you wrote about, on July 10th, 2019.  December 30th, 2019 I have lost 35 lbs... I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful guide!

Josh L.

Now 70 lbs down.. the best piece of advice from you; “you don’t need motivation to go to the gym. Just go and do it and make it a habit. You don’t have to motivate your self to brush your teeth every day"

Robert B.

Down 50lbs and counting, keep up the awesome streams!

Treven Y.

MAN, I bought the cookbook to get some fresh new meals and I’m loving the ice cream one, added some cinnamon and chopped dark chocolate. Trying the stir fry tomorrow, chicken is marinating as we speak!

Sebastian U.

Ya this stuff is awesome. Can’t believe you only charged $10 for these recipes. Thank you!

C. Bleyhl

Got 4 of the guys at the fire station doing your workout guide.. Everyone’s healthy and loving life. Your positivity is contagious brother. Good luck to you and your girl on all your endeavors. Your one hell of a role model for a lot of younger kids that follow you through wow.

Logan Falise

‘Hey man! Long time hockey/WoW player here. Plagued with some injuries, but getting back into the fitness game. Using your cookbook to supplement a kickass workout plan. Loving it so far. I think I speak for everyone when I say I appreciate your time and effort into putting this out for us. Much love Xaryu!

Matty Dazed
The Xaryu Cookbook
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After years of research, trial and error, and carving away certain myths of the fitness industry, I’ve compiled the core fundamentals that have been most effective in transforming my body. Now, I want to share this with you.

The Xaryu Fundamentals
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