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There is no such thing as losing.

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My mother taught me that anything I do in life, there are no bad outcomesonly ‘win-wins’.

Take the example of applying for a new job. There are two outcomes, we either get the job or we don’t.

In the first outcome, we got the job. That’s a win.

In the second outcome, we don’t get the job. That’s also a win. We learned how to interview better. We learned more about ourselves. And we have time to search for a job that would better suit us anyways.

She taught me to live life in a way that made any outcome, a great outcome  — in fact, it was the perfect outcome, even if we couldn’t see it yet.

Did I lose an arena match or did I win knowledge from that game?

Did I injure my knee or did I gain an experience that will give me more understanding about how to build it back stronger?

Did I lose a close relative or did I gain perspective on what really matters in life?

Once we change these thought patterns inside of our heads, everything changes.

Now go out there and win.

As always, don't forget to do your dailies!