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What's your 'why'?

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What keeps you going... what's your 'why'?

It is easier to stick to something when you have a rock solid reason for doing it, a 'why'.

I train to feel good on a daily basis & feel free in my body — and further, I can take this freedom and confidence to better tackle any area of life (work, relationships, mentality, creating, etc.).

Okay, so if this is my WHY, what type of behavior follows?

Perhaps a blend of mobility work, building relative strength, and learning new skills is going to get me there — now I have a WHY that drives each day, I have a reason to be doing what I am doing. All of a sudden, showing up isn't that hard anymore...

What's your 'why'? Why do you train? Let me know in the comments!

Ps. If you have trouble sticking to a daily movement practice (or anything else), maybe it's time to consider WHY and pick modalities that align with your goals (whether that is to build discipline, build confidence, or simply to have the strength to kneel down and play with your children). Once this 'why' is present, it becomes easier to keep showing up. Start with why.

Pss. If you want to start training with your bodyweight, start here.