The Xaryu Fundamentals

The Xaryu Fundamentals

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After years of research, trial and error, and carving away certain myths of the fitness industry, I compiled the fundamental building blocks to transform my body. This guide outlines the principles I utilized to achieve my current level of fitness the guide 16-year-old Xaryu wished he had. *Previously known as The Xaryu Fitness Guide

01. Fitness Fundamentals
02. Nutrition Fundamentals
03. What Types of Food I Eat + Example Meals
04. Meal Scheduling
05. Training - Progressive Overload
06. Example Gym Workout Routines (Weight Focused)
07. Bonus HIIT Routine & Core Routine

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WHO I CREATED THIS GUIDE FOR: Those looking to fully understand the fundamentals of how to gain muscle and how to lose fat.


Q. Is the workout split mainly gym focused exercises?

A. Yes. For a body-weight approach check out The Xaryu Bodyweight Program.

Q. What if I am a beginner?

A. This guide was written for someone who is looking to understand the fundamentals of losing fat and gaining muscle, a beginner is who I wrote this guide for!

Q. Does this program include meals?

A. There are some example meals listed, however, if you want my entire repertoire of recipes check out The Xaryu Cookbook


What the community is saying...

Due to the perfect guide straight into my hands I started following it (especially on the nutrition part)... I went from around 240 lbs down to 155 lbs. Thank you for being such an inspiration upon this journey in my life

Parker M.

Your workouts and meal plans are what really helped us get over a huge Plateau. After switching over I was able to meet my 70lb weight loss goal and am training for my first triathlon! Thanks for everything you do and the encouragement you bring!!

Grace I.

Hey! I just wanted to let you know i started my journey to becoming my ideal self both in mind and body on Janurary 2nd at 183 pounds and its now Feb 29th and I've lost 22 pounds and now at 161 pounds while still maintaining my muscle strength... I’m further then I’d ever thought I’d be!

J. Lyon

I wanted to personally reach out to say thanks for the awesome guides over the past year. Watching your workout streams, following your dailies and fitness guides have helped me lose 100lbs. I hit that goal on Saturday. I still have a little bit more to go... but I don’t know where I would be without your guides, and tips.

Sean Ron