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Pike Push-ups (HSPU Progressions)

The handstand push-up is one of my favorite exercises because of the level of strength and simultaneous balance it requires. The strength can be developed through pike push-ups and appropriate more intense progressions. To gain the balance for the free standing handstand push-up, check out the hand balance workshop on the skills page.

Dip Progressions

The dip is a great compound exercise to target the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Only go down as low as your body will comfortably go, before proceeding to press back up, week to week your range of motion will slowly improve.

Tricep Extension Progressions

These body-weight variations of tricep extensions are similar to the popular gym-exercise 'The Skull Crusher'.

Bicep Curl Progressions

Bicep Curls can be performed with elbows in line with the body, elevated in front of the body, or behind the body. This video shows progressions for elbows in front of the body. I would highly recommend rings or TRX bands for this exercise.

Pelican Curl Progressions

The Pelican Curl is a great body-weight exercise to simulate a seated bicep curl, where we are curling from a position with the elbow behind the body.

Face Pull Progressions

Face pull progressions, with or with-out equipment.