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Pull-Up Progressions

Choose the variation that works for you that you can comfortably perform in the 5-12 rep range!

Push-Up Progressions

The most common mistake that plateau's an individuals progress in calisthenic chest training is stopping at a push-up progression that is far too easy. Choose a progression you can perform with perfect form for 5-12 repetitions, if you keep doing more & more reps, remember: you are prioritizing muscle endurance over strength or hypertrophy.

Bodyweight Row Progressions

A horizontal pull, or a row, can be performed with almost any form of resistance or weight, although I prefer a means of raising ones own body-weight for the movement to prioritize relative strength and crossover to other calisthenic movements.

Chest Fly Progressions

The Chest Fly is a great exercise to fully lengthen and shorten the chest by crossing the hands over the body. Dumbbells or other methods may be used to perform this exercise, although my favorite variation is the ring fly!

Back Fly Progressions

Back Fly Progressions, with or with-out equipment.