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The Xaryu Bodyweight Program


The Xaryu Bodyweight Program


After years of lifting weights in the gym, I began to realize I wanted to go beyond just a strong bench press and a heavy dumbbell curl. I wanted to press my entire body over head and lift myself up with just one arm.

That's why we created The Xaryu Bodyweight Program — a systematic approach to not only develop muscular strength and hypertrophy. but also, to lay the groundwork for complete body control, without even needing to step foot into a gym. This program lays out the progressions for any level, anyone can get started.

01. Philosophy - How to build strength with your body weight
02. A weekly program showing each exercise, sets, and reps
03. Progressions for all levels
04. Video Content show-casing how to perform each progression
05. Skill training routines
06. Ab isolation training
07. Handstand Workshop (Intro to Handstands)
08. Mobility Circuit Follow Along Videos
09. Yoga Follow Along Videos
10. Warm-up Follow Along Routine (Including: Spinal, Hip, Shoulder, Wrists, & more)

*This is a digital product. All future updates will be sent out absolutely free*

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Although there are suggested equipment options such as a pull-up bar or gymnastic rings that will enhance your training, just your bodyweight will get you started!

WHO I CREATED THIS PROGRAM FOR: Those looking to build a strong and muscular physique using only their bodyweight and minimal equipment.


Q. What equipment do I need to get started?

A. We recommend a pull-up bar or gymnastic rings to get started, although there are plenty of solely bodyweight exercises.

Q. What if I am a beginner?

A. There are exercise routines for all levels, with video content showcasing how to advance through each progression.

Q. Does this program include meals?

A. No, The Xaryu Fundamentals has my approach to nutrition and The Xaryu Cookbook has all of the meals outlined with calories and macro-nutrients that I eat on a week to week basis.