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The Xaryu Cookbook


The Xaryu Cookbook


After reaching both extremes in the kitchen — too strict, too laissez-faire — I found the recipes that work for me in maximizing both my body & mind.

*This is a digital product. All future updates will be sent out absolutely free*


Over 36 recipes including...

01. Meals
02. Snacks
03. Desserts
04. Drinks
05. Macro-nutrients & Calories of everything mentioned

WHO I CREATED THIS COOKBOOK FOR: Those looking to enjoy the food they eat, without the guilt and with the gains.


Q. Do I need to know how to cook?

A. Nope. All of the recipes are super simple — simple enough I can make them.

Q. How much will the food cost weekly?

A. This is highly variable depending on where you live, what you have access to, and the quality of ingredients you purchase. You can choose to make it as affordable as you want.

Q. Does this Cookbook include nutrition information?

A. The Cookbook provides detailed instructions, ingredients, and macro-nutrient breakdowns for all of the meals I eat at home. For my take on nutrition, check out The Xaryu Fundamentals.