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Pistol Squat Progressions

This is an exercise that is deceivingly difficult, and as such, should be approached with caution. Moving to fast through these progressions with sloppy form is a sure way to get injured, take your time!

Goblet Squat and Cossack Squat Progressions

These squats are a great way to gain mobility, and strength through range as work on increasing depth week by week.

RDL Progressions

The Romanian Dead-lift can be performed with ones own body-weight, or with additional weight added.

Nordic Curl Progressions

The Nordic Curl is known as the most difficult body-weight hamstring exercise. I neglected this exercise for years, and I wish I didn't.

Hamstring Curl Progressions

If you are still working up to a Nordic Curl, this is where to get started!

Sissy Squat Progressions

The Sissy Squat is an exercise known as the 'knee-destroyer'. Now, if you try to perform the Sissy Squat with no previous training, this name will serve correct. Just as if you try to bench press 315 lbs with no previous training, your chest will get destroyed.

The Sissy Squat is an advanced calisthenic exercise and should be treated as such. Follow the progressions outlined in the video, there should be no pain as you move through them week to week. Building strength in this exercise will bulletproof the knees going forward!

Hip Thrust Progressions

Hip thrust training, at home! Slow, controlled, movements.

Calf Raise Progressions

Although this exercise may seem basic or easy, if treated with appropriate intensity and range of motion, at home calf gains main ensue.

Toe Raise Progressions

This exercise looks weird, ineffective, and useless. Trust me, it is not. This exercise completely transformed my squat and mobility within the ankle, try it out for yourself!