The "Dailies" Collection, now live! The "Dailies" Collection, now live!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you a gamer, or a trainer?

A. Read my story here to learn more about me!

Q. Do you compete in the AWC?

A. I currently have my hands full with moving into a new home, managing the website, programs, guides, uploading daily to YouTube, 1-2 live streams daily, and content on Twitch, Instagram & Twitter content, and daily behind the scenes projects! However, never say never...

Q. How many days per week do you train?

A. I train with high intensity 3 days per week, the other days I work on mobility, movement, cardiovascular strength, or rest.

Check out my entire program here.

Q. What does Kaizen (改善) mean?

A. Kaizen (改善) - the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.

Q. What are 'The Dailies'?

A. Learn more here.

Q. What gaming setup do you use? Where did you get your fitness setup?

A. Most of my setup can be found here.

Q. Why do you train mainly with bodyweight exercises?

A. I train in a way that yields the results I want to achieve: body awareness and body control. Training should reflect the goals you want to achieve.

Q. When can I watch you live?

A. Check out the live schedule here.