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Xaryu's Retail Addons

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AdvancedInterfaceOptions - Extra interface options

BigDebuffs - Increase the debuff size of crowd control effects.

CovenantMissionHelper - Helps with covenant missions

Details! - Damage Meter

Favorites - Updated friends list allowing you to have favorites and faction color

M6 - Create macros as long as you want

Omnibar - Shows kicks and enemy cooldowns

OmniCC - Shows number countdown for CDs

OmniCD - Shows Party Trinkets / Cooldowns

SafeQueue - Adds counter and removes leave queue option to queues

sArena - Arena enemy frames with DR tracker and Aura tracker (Xaryu’s settings: on version 2.0.8)

TellMeWhen - Tracks procs, buffs, debuffs (Global export ->

WeakAuras - Tracks anything (Tinder WA Export -> )

XarMods (previously XarUI) - Posture check, Silver dragon around player, UI improvements, & more


Xaryu's Classic Addons

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ABlueShaman - Turns Shaman portrait blue instead of pink

Auctionator - AH addon

AtlasLoot - Shows loot

Advanced Interface Options - Extra interface options

Battle for Azeroth UI - Bar addon, remove BFAUI from the download before dragging to addons

CharacterStatsClassic - Shows more in depth stats

Class Colors - Adds class colors

Classic Aura Durations - Adds aura durations to target and self

Classic Cast Bars - Adds cast bars to enemies

Details! - Damage meter

Diminish - DR tracker

FiveSecondRule - Shows mana ticks

ItemRack - Item swapping

Leatrix Plus - MANY added options including silver dragon, hiding gryphons, etc.

Leatrix Maps - Makes map look like live map

OmniBar - Tracks enemy kicks

OmniCC - Adds cooldown counter

Questie - Questing addon

RealMobHealth - Shows mob HP

Spy - The Spy addon scans the combat log for actions performed by enemy players and announces their presence when they are detected.

TellMeWhen - Provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns

TrinketMenu - Swap trinkets w/ a click or right click

XarUI - Hides gryphons, hides bags, adds extra button *Download Battle for Azeroth UI with this